Muir Woods & Life

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Life has been pretty routine lately. I guess that is why I have been a bit MIA here on the blog. Homework and going to my internship throughout the week while Tim works and then try to squeeze in a little bit of fun and a lot of errands on the weekend. Every night I make the same lunch for Tim for the next day. Mixed veggies, a bit of quinoa, and a small grilled chicken breast. I feel like I've been in my routine for so long now it'll be super strange to have it suddenly stop in December. Good thing I'll have the holidays to distract me, right? Can I even begin to tell you how excited I am for time with family and friends, playing games, chatting all day, eating all day, did I mention Cafe Rio? Oh I have missed it so much. Serious withdrawals over here.

Oh, and last weekend was interesting. We took a couple people that Tim works with to Muir Woods since one of the guys was just visiting the office for a couple weeks from New Zealand and everyone wanted to show him around. We were a funny bunch. A married couple, a single girl, and a middle aged dad. That place is beautiful. I can't believe we hadn't been yet. We ended up buying a season pass because it was only $20 and for all 4 of us to go it would have been $28. Not sure who came up with their pricing model. 

Quickest Visit Ever

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I've said this a million times but we love when we have visitors! It can be tricky for extended periods of time since we live in the world's tiniest apartment but we make it work! My grandparents and my aunt were heading to Sacramento for a quick weekend trip and we were lucky enough to convince them to come spend half a day with us down south. We had quite the eventful few hours! Love this grammy of mine. :) Can we all agree she does not look like she is in her 70's???

We loaded up in the car. I'm not kidding we were loaded in there so tight. My grandma was on the ground on a pillow and my grandpa and I were sharing a seat, Tim was driving and my aunt was in the front. It was hilarious. Sorry for the blurriness!

Tim was our fabulous tour guide and we did a quick drive around as much of SF as we could fit in. We got rear ended (I thought it was an earth quake, it just shook our Honda Element haha) so that was exciting. Even more exciting when the folks just drove off. But it was Sunday so you can't get too upset. Luckily it just bent my aunt's wheelchair ramp thing is all.

We then headed up to one of my favorite spots ever. I probably post way too many pictures up at Twin Peaks but you just can't beat that view. It always takes everyone's breath away. Including mine, every time!

We are so glad they made the trip out of their way to come visit. Come back soon!! 

Friday Night Thoughts

Friday, October 24, 2014

I think I now understand why most people do an internship by itself rather than with 14 other credits. I'm losing my mind! 2 months until graduation!

My amazing visiting teacher/friend is letting me use her bike while she is having her baby and it has been so fun! I haven't had a bike since I was about 10 so it has been really fun. The only thing is riding a bike as an adult is way different than as a kid. I miss riding on the sidewalk! For some reason people feel the need to taunt/harass/cat call bikers all the time. It gets a bit obnoxious.

Speaking of babies. I feel like everyone around me is announcing pregnancies or having babies! It's been fun knowing about other's secret little babies on the way. :) This stage of life is so fun because you are constantly surrounded by little cuties.

Job hunting in the bay area is no joke. I think that's all there is to say there. Someone hire me?

I'm torn between city life and country life. I crave cities. I love the hustle and bustle and all the things to do and see and eat and experience but lately I have just been wanting peace and quiet and space a patch of yard that is my own even if it is only a couple square feet. Someday!

Halloween is exactly one week away and it just donned on me that Tim and I have not done one Halloweeny thing this year. I suppose because it feels nothing like Halloween here in CA. Also Tim and I have never carved pumpkins together. We are pathetic.

While we're being real here, does anyone else look like this all the time? You would think I would outgrow my baby hairs by 24 but I definitely have not. #hairinthefaceforlife